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Taken Films is a production company with the purpose of producing independent film and video projects of exceptional quality in the most cost effective manner possible.


Founded in 2011 in Cartagena, Colombia by USC Film School alumnus William Goldstein and Alberto Marenco, the company has produced acclaimed and successful music videos featured on Latin American MTV and HTV, and garnered millions of views on YouTube. On April 2014, Marenco and Goldstein premiered their feature length film, ‘Piloto’, co-written and directed by both Goldstein and Marenco at the Cartagena International Film Festival.

Currently, Taken Films is in the process of developing a variety of feature length projects including the groundbreaking Indiewire Project of the Year runner-up "The Reign" and a feminist post-apocalyptic action thriller titled "Aftertweet", set for production in the summer of 2020

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