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William S. Goldstein

William S. Goldstein is a feature, commercial, and music video producer with proven experience steering award-winning feature films, shorts, branded content, commercials and music videos from concept to completion. After graduating with an MFA in Film Production from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, he has produced several independent feature films, music videos, and commercials. His collaborators have included ROC Nation, Amazon, IndieWire, and the Colombian label JV20/FJ03.

An inveterate strategic yet visual thinker with a track record of leveraging industry relationships to raise the creative bar on diverse projects and maximize lean budgets, William’s hallmark capabilities include special expertise in the Latin American market, a sharp eye for production inefficiencies and the ability to effectively mobilize teams facing intense deadlines.

His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, IndieWire, Variety, and other national

Al Marenco Saenz

Alberto (Al) Marencowas born and raised in the Caribbean coast city of Cartagena in Colombia. This upbringing gave him a cultural background and heritage distinguishing him from most Producers/Directors in Hollywood.

A master of visual storytelling, Al is known for being able to seamlessly blend his striking visuals into the background of the story, allowing for beautiful imagery that adds layers to the project without drawing too much attention to itself.

Under Taken Films, Alberto is currently developing two feature length projects along with longtime friend and partner, William S. Goldstein: 'Aftertweet' a post-apocalyptic feminist action thriller and 'The Reign' a groundbreaking drama and 'Indiewire' project of the yer runner-up focusing on the issues of education.

Additionally, Alberto is presently a producer and director, developing projects for Colombian media company JdV Group.

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